Virtual Staging

Virtual staging has emerged as a formidable technological advancement in Home Staging techniques. Traditional property staging is not only expensive but incredibly time consuming. With our complete capture and staging package, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that we’ll take care of everything and be sure to show your property at its absolute best. Drag the slider below to view this before and after example shot for NEXA Bristol. This property sold within one week of being listed!  

Home staging is effective because it emphasises a property’s strengths and minimises its weaknesses. It allows your home to be shown at its maximum potential. Presenting a well-cared for home and creating a property that gives a positive first impression is incredibly valuable. We were able to utilise Leighton’s expertise at a fraction of the cost of traditional staging. The amount of time saved through this process compared with traditional staging was incredible; We had the images captured, staged and returned all within 24 hours. As a result, five days later, the property sold above asking price! We couldn’t be happier with the results and will be using virtual staging on any properties that we are struggling to sell in future. Thank you! 

For more information on our virtual staging process or to obtain a quote, please contact us.

Below are some more examples of our virtual staging. Click to view the images fullscreen.