About us

Founded by Bristol photographer Leighton James, thepropertyphotographer is a small yet dynamic company dedicated to providing high quality results at affordable prices. Passion and attention to detail have been the key to our success in becoming a recognised, highly regarded supplier of photography and videography packages to Bristol’s real estate and commercial markets.

Love at first sight doesn’t just happen with people, it can also happen with a home…

Utilising the latest available ground and aerial technology along with industry standard software, the results speak for themselves. Love at first sight doesn’t just happen with people, it can also happen with a home and here at thepropertyphotographer, we live by that mantra. Pictures are the first thing that your potential clients will see, so it is essential that they make the right impression and are impactful. Using a point and shoot camera or your mobile phone? Your clients will be far more likely to move onto the next property or agent that does things properly. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the most popular agencies around, you’ll notice something quite special about the images that they are sharing.

So how do we do it?
Specialist camera equipment and lenses allow us to capture as much of the room as possible whilst being careful not to distort the image and give clients unrealistic expectations. This ensures that potential clients are presented with beautiful, yet true to life images.

Time is of the essence…
We know that property is a fast moving market and we appreciate that it is essential that you get your hands on your media as quickly as possible. We therefore guarantee that you will receive your photographs within 24 hours of job completion. If that doesn’t happen, you’ll get them for free.

Bristol based
State-of-the-art technology
24-hour turnaround